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The monthly Bonus
The May offer comes from the Staatsoper Unter den Linden
The new production of »King Arthur«, dubbed »a dramatick opera« by Henry Purcell himself, had to wait until last season for its premiere – which took place in the Schiller Theater in the heart of Charlottenburg, not on Unter den Linden. So it went without saying that, when it came to planning the first season of events (2017/18) at the reinstated venue, the acclaimed production would not be missing from the programme. The opera revolves around the eponymous King Arthur, mythical King of the Britons and founder of the Round Table, who was called upon to defend not only his country but also Princess Emmeline from the ravages of the Saxon king, Oswald. Sven-Eric Bechtolf and Julian Crouch transport the audience to a mythical age. On the stage of the Staatsoper bold knights, fair noblewomen, good and evil wizards and colourful gnomes and sylphs breathe new life into the founding myth of the British Isles. We are giving away a pair of tickets to the performance of »King Arthur« on 21st May 2018. And that’s not all! Before the performance starts we will be teaming up with a staffer from the dramaturgy department to give the lucky winners a glimpse behind the scenes of the newly refurbished Staatsoper Unter Linden, which reopened last autumn. The gleaming modifications are not restricted to front of house; the adjacent rehearsals centre has also been given a thorough make-over. Our exclusive backstage tour raises the curtain briefly on sections of the Staatsoper that are normally hidden from public view.