sit at the front for a year
opera and ballets for 10 €
concerts for 8 €
all advantages for 15 € per year
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It’s ‘two’s company’ in October for performances at the Konzerthaus Berlin
Seeing a concert in the company of a friend is more fun. Invite someone under 30 to a Konzerthaus event in October. ClassicCard conditions apply!

For instance, come on 6th, 7th or 8th October and catch a performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by the Estonian Teater NO99. In this production, state-of-the-art technology allows people to stare the human yearning for nobility of sentiment straight in the face. Communicating in real time via camera images, the actors are filmed in close-up and projected onto a huge sphere. Moon or earth? Who knows. All we can be sure of is that hopes, dreams, passions and disillusionment are all magically mirrored and magnified. And to accompany the goings-on onstage, the Konzerthaus orchestra will be playing Mendelssohn’s famous Schauspielmusik, which premiered to a paying public at the Schauspielhaus on the Gendarmenmarkt in 1843.

Berlin composer Christian Jost’s “A Poet’s Love recomposed”, based on the Robert Schumann work, will be performed on 21, 22, and 23.10 by the Horenstein Ensemble and featuring the tenor Peter Lodahi. Set against a backdrop of associative images created by the video artist Tabea Rothfuchs, the piece opens up new and surprising windows into the soul.
On 28.10, Tomatito y grupo will be guest performers in the Klazzik mit Nuevo Flamenco series. And on 29.10 artist in residence Cameron Carpenter will for once switch from his International Touring Organ to the house’s own Jehmlich organ, “Prinzessin”, and team up with the Konzerthaus chamber orchestra to perform works by Bach.

In November the two-for-one venue for ClassicCard holders switches to the Staatsballett.

Sommernachtstraum © Tiit Ojasoo